Advantages of Using PEX Water Lines for Plumbing

PEX water lines are an excellent plumbing option for your new home build. PEX was first introduced in the United States around 1980 and was commonly used with heated floor installations. Gradually, PEX water line technology evolved, becoming the most popular new home construction installation option.

Advantages of PEX pipes

Value – The most obvious PEX water line advantage. The raw material used to produce PEX is relatively affordable, nearly 10 times more affordable than the price of copper. Flexibility is another value factor, PEX piping can be easily bent, which allows plumbers to install it faster, more efficiently, and with fewer couplings.

Ease of installation – Other plumbing materials, such as copper, typically requires a very experienced plumber for correct and accurate installation. This may increase the cost of new home plumbing installation due to higher labor expenses. Unlike copper pipe, PEX water lines do not require intensive cutting and soldering for installation. Additionally, PEX piping is easier to install because it has fewer fittings. It can turn 90-degree corners without requiring elbow fittings and can be unrolled from the spools.

Durability – PEX piping is a polyethylene-made material, treated to resist cold and heat to keep its shape, and resist degradation from particular water types and chemicals. PEX piping can withstand extreme temperatures, as the material has the ability to contract and expand slightly. PEX is also known for great efficiency, as it does not lose heat, and works well with cold and hot water systems. PEX is both durable and flexible enough to endure below freezing temperatures, and long exposure to high temperatures up to 200-degrees Fahrenheit.

Versatile – PEX may be used in conjunction with both PVC and metal piping. Water flow through PEX water lines tends to be very quiet, unlike the typical noise produced as water moves through copper pipes.

Bottom Line

PEX makes an excellent choice compared to other plumbing materials. Cost savings may be realized through lower material costs and lower number of fittings and connections for installation, as well as reduced installation time due to versatility. PEX water lines are extremely durable, which can reduce future home maintenance costs.