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Advantages of using 30 year Architectural Asphalt Shingles

Your roof is one of the most important elements of your home. It protects your, your belongings and your loved ones from the weather and the elements. It’s very important to choose the right roofing shingle for your home, especially with the Texas temperatures. If your roof absorbs too much heat, your monthly electricity bill may be impacted. Over time, this may add significant costs to operating your household utilities, requiring the need to utilize shingles which improve energy efficiency. There are several types of roofing options available to achieve energy efficiency. One well-known roofing material is Architectural asphalt shingling. Builders and homeowners prefer architectural shingling because it presents several advantages, which cannot be found with other roofing shingles. Unlike standard 3-tab roofing with tab slots, 30 year Architectural asphalt shingles have three-dimensional texture built into them. They are significantly sturdier and heavier than 3-tab shingles, but do not require…
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Advantages of Using PEX Water Lines for Plumbing

PEX water lines are an excellent plumbing option for your new home build. PEX was first introduced in the United States around 1980 and was commonly used with heated floor installations. Gradually, PEX water line technology evolved, becoming the most popular new home construction installation option. Advantages of PEX pipes Value – The most obvious PEX water line advantage. The raw material used to produce PEX is relatively affordable, nearly 10 times more affordable than the price of copper. Flexibility is another value factor, PEX piping can be easily bent, which allows plumbers to install it faster, more efficiently, and with fewer couplings. Ease of installation – Other plumbing materials, such as copper, typically requires a very experienced plumber for correct and accurate installation. This may increase the cost of new home plumbing installation due to higher labor expenses. Unlike copper pipe, PEX water lines do not require intensive cutting…
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Advantages of Using Vented Soffit & Continuous Ridge Vent

Attic ventilation will help you reduce your cooling costs during hot Texas summers. It will also help extend the life of roof shingles, at the same time prevents the build-up of the rot and mildew. The use of continuous ridge vent and vented soffit will ensure you will be provided with great features, which will help improve ventilation inside your home. Continuous ridge vents are naturally narrow and long, and can be installed in such way, where it can span the whole length of the roof on your home. Vented soffit can be installed on the underside of your roof eaves, bridging the gap between the siding and the roofline. It provides essential ventilation to and from the attic, as well as protection from weather. Here are some advantages you will achieve when utilizing these products for your new home: Versatility – Vented soffit and Continuous Ridge Vent are suitable…
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