Advantages of Using Vented Soffit & Continuous Ridge Vent

Attic ventilation will help you reduce your cooling costs during hot Texas summers. It will also help extend the life of roof shingles, at the same time prevents the build-up of the rot and mildew.

The use of continuous ridge vent and vented soffit will ensure you will be provided with great features, which will help improve ventilation inside your home. Continuous ridge vents are naturally narrow and long, and can be installed in such way, where it can span the whole length of the roof on your home. Vented soffit can be installed on the underside of your roof eaves, bridging the gap between the siding and the roofline. It provides essential ventilation to and from the attic, as well as protection from weather.

Here are some advantages you will achieve when utilizing these products for your new home:

  • Versatility – Vented soffit and Continuous Ridge Vent are suitable for any roof design. You can continuously use both products on many different kinds of architectural styles, which will provide high quality results, which you will appreciate and enjoy. Both allow you to choose from a vast array of attic exhaust fan styles and designs. Freeman Homes will ensure proper installation, to make certain your new home is constructed with a well-balanced ventilation system.
  • Great protection against moisture – Most vents incorporate a special patterned louver, which helps significantly reduce air and wind turbulence. This will keep rain away from your home’s ceiling insulation, and roof boards. The roof sheathing will be well-ventilated, providing your roof with higher resistance against moisture, helping preserve solid roof structure.
  • Increased Air Ventilation – Another advantage vents can provide, is optimum air intake along the roof eaves. Cooler outside air will enter through utilizing the vents, transforming the warmer air inside your home. This will lower the temperatures in your attic during the summer, and expel humid air during lower temperature days.
  • Best protection against mildew – Mold and mildew buildup tend to occur in areas which have poor ventilation. Vents help reduce potential mold and mildew problems, and help you maintain the home longer.
  • Energy Efficiency – Attic ventilation will decrease energy consumption, which will be reflected on your energy bills.
  • Greater Home Protection – Texas homes are subject to extreme temperatures during the summer, and moisture from rain and thunder storms throughout the year. These weather conditions can place your home at risk for roof damage. Vented soffit and Continuous Ridge Vent will help you improve your attic ventilation, extending the life of your roof materials.

Ridge vent and soffit vent are the most common homeowner options, providing energy efficiencies for your new custom built home.